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The University of Rio Grande has taken the lead in providing an affordable pathway to a high-quality private education. Beginning Summer ’21, Rio Grande will launch the Affordability Plan that lowers tuition from $26,810 to $19,400 and lowers room and board from $11,166 to $10, 500.

In addition to the tuition Affordability Plan, Rio Grande is investing additional resources in student support services to focus on individual student needs. Included is the launching of our Appreciative Advising Model. This focuses on our students’ academic goals and supports them holistically, meeting them where they are. Supports may range from food insecurities to locating childcare or providing mental health support.


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What is Rio’s Affordability Plan?

The Affordability Plan is a reduction in the cost of tuition as well as cost of room and board.

Why is the University of Rio Grande reducing the cost of tuition?

The real cost of higher education has been difficult for many families. Recent trends are to price high and offer high discounts so determining the real cost of higher education can be difficult.  Many students and families don’t realize that colleges set high tuition prices that are then deeply discounted during the financial aid process.

This simple answer is we listened. Many students have expressed a desire to stay and get their 4-year degree at Rio because they know everyone and prefer the small class sizes that a private university provides. 

The affordability plan reduces the gap between financial aid and out-of-pocket expense. 

URG’s affordability plan aligns with our commitment to meeting students where they are and prepare them for where they want to go.  Rio is taking a leadership role in providing opportunities to students who wish to receive a 4-year degree. The affordability plan shows families a bottom line and transparent expectations.


When will the Affordability Plan take effect?

This tuition plan will begin Summer ’21

Does this plan apply to all Rio students?

The tuition reduction is for traditional University of Rio Grande undergraduate students who are not enrolled in the BSN program. Those students who are under the 65-credit hour or enrolled in a program at the community college, will not have their tuition affected. 

 All residential students will see a reduction in room and board as well, regardless of credit hours or year of attendance.



Will there be a reduction of programs at Rio?

No. This reduction will have no effect on current programs. In fact, we are looking to see what programs we can add in the near future.

Are there any changes in the cost of room and board?

Residential students will see a reduction in their room and board from $11,166 to $10,500


Does this plan effect merit-based scholarships?

Yes. Rio will continue to award merit scholarships and need-based grants. However, merit scholarships have been scaled with the new tuition model and are as follows: Presidential $6000, Provost: $5000, and Dean $4,000. The affordability plan has no effect on guidelines for aid awarded by outside scholarship organizations, or by the state and federal governments.

Does this lessen my experience at Rio?

On the contrary. Rio is actually investing more in the needs of our students and their success. We have built a Learning Commons area in the library and developing a larger career services program. Most exciting is our appreciative advising model which focuses on students and their goals with a holistic approach.

Rio is also adding three new sports teams this fall, Men’s and Women’s Rugby as well as Men’s Volleyball.  

How do I find out exactly how this will impact me?

Rio is committed to making sure no current student is impacted negatively in the 2021-22 year. Because every situation is different, we encourage you to fill out your FAFSA and as well as apply to our many private donor scholarships, also known as our RedStorm Scholarships. Students should then make an appointment with financial aid to discuss how the new model will help.

Contact the Financial Aid to discuss 

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