Political Science

POL 11103 (TM) American National Government

An introduction to Constitutional foundations, the major national political institutions, policy processes, public opinion and political behavior, interest groups, and electoral politics.

Offered Fall, Spring for 3 Semester hours.

POL 11203 Introduction to Constitutional Law

A study of cases from the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) to examine the structure and procedural aspects of government, as well as the Civil Rights  and Civil Liberties of American Citizens.

Offered for 3 Semester hours.

POL 12103 American State Government

A study of states in the federal relationship, a comparison of political culture in various states and regions, the major state political institutions, political parties, and interest groups.

Offered Fall, Spring for 3 Semester hours.

POL 28803 Selected Topics in Political Science

Topics will vary and may include such things as U.S. foreign policy, comparative politics, public opinion, presidential election-year politics, and political science methods, (Repeatable with different topics).

Offered On Demand for 3 Semester hours.

POL 29901-03 Directed Studies in Political Science

Independent study and/or research at the Sophomore level under the supervision of an instructor in Political Science. May include directed research and readings and formal study of a topic of special interest to the student. Prerequisites: Sophomore standing and the completion of at least six (6) credit hours in the discipline, as well as sponsorship by an instructor and approval of the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. Repeatable to six (6) credit hours.

Offered On Demand for 1-3 Semester hours.

POL 34103 Legislative Behavior and Process

A study of legislator behavior and the legislative process with major attention to the U.S. Congress and with minor attention to state legislatures and the British Parliament. Parties, interest groups, and leadership will be discussed.

Offered Spring for 3 Semester hours.

POL 35103 Comparative Government

A study of structures, behaviors, and processes of contemporary political systems. Prerequisite: At least junior status or permission of the instructor.

Offered Fall for 3 Semester hours.

POL 45103 International Relations/Foreign Policy

An analysis of various aspects of international relations, including the operating influences on international relations and an examination of theories of international relations. Prerequisite: At least junior status or permission of instructor.

Offered Spring for 3 Semester hours.

POL 49703 Practicum in Political Science

This is a practicum designed to provide an opportunity for students in their junior and senior years to earn academic credit by serving as interns in various agencies or offices. Each practicum must be supervised and approved by an instructor of record, who must be a member of the faculty of the University of Rio Grande, and approved by the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences. The practicum site is to be determined on an individual basis, and it must be acceptable to the student and approved by the instructor of record. The instructor will negotiate with the site supervisor to establish mutually acceptable learning experiences and job expectations before the student begins the practicum. The instructor of record will be responsible for course requirements, student accountability, and the assignment of a final grade. The instructor and the Dean will ensure that the practicum complies with the educational and administrative policies of the University.

Offered On Demand for 3 Semester hours.