PHR 21103 (TM) Philosophical Inquiry

This course is a philosophical inquiry into the basic questions and topics of philosophy, including questions about free will and determinism; art and beauty; human nature; knowledge and reality; justice and the good society; ethics and morality; logical and fallacious thinking; science and religion; gender and ethics; and comparisons between Eastern and Western modes of thought.

Offered Fall, Spring for 3 Semester hours.

PHR 21403 Medical Ethics

This course takes a case-study approach to medical ethics for nursing and pre-med students. Students are required to apply ethical theories and fundamental principles to various issues in medicine and the treatment of patients, including conflicts between medical paternalism and patient rights; public health and individual confidentiality rights; faith healing and conventional medicine; treatment of defective newborn, euthanasia, abortion, organ transplants; principles of justice and the allocation of scarce resources; the right to health care; and various approaches to reforming the American health care system (e.g. national health insurance vs. market approaches, etc.)

Offered Spring for 3 Semester hours.

PSY 13103 Stress Management

Provides research-experiential approach to understanding stress and its effects on human behavior and physiology. Stress is an aspect of everyday contemporary life. Discusses the work of researchers and practitioners in stress management and considers the causes of stress from a variety of theoretical and practice-based perspectives. Topics include the relation of stress to health, communication, relationships, academic and work performance. Examines the techniques and implementation of stress management in personal and professional arenas. Considers perspectives of stress and coping from various social and cultural standpoints.

Offered Fall for 3 Semester hours.