MKT 21403 Principles of Marketing

An introduction into the field of marketing. The role of the marketing mix (product, price, place, and promotion) in creating marketing strategies will be discussed. Additional topics include the role of consumer behavior, international marketing, marketing research, and advertising. Prerequisite: ECO 11403. Lab fee required.

Offered Fall, Spring for 3 Semester hours.

MKT 26403 Professional Communication and Business Networking

This course provides a general overview of communication within the business environment. Students will gain the tools and skills necessary to effectively communicate within  an organization. All forms of business correspondence will be considered, including both verbal and written communication. Presentation skills will also be emphasized, and students will be required to write and present a business report. Lab fee required.

Offered Fall for 3 Semester hours.

MKT 27403 Advertising and Promotion

A study of various elements of the promotional mix and how they are combined to develop a total marketing communication program. Major emphasis is placed on understanding the changes taking place in the advertising industry and how they influence strategies and tactics.

Offered Spring for 3 Semester hours.

MKT 28403 Business-to-Business Marketing

A study of the basic applications of marketing in the business-to business environment. Logistics, supply chain management, and technological advancements in the field, including RFID and eprocurement, will all be discussed. The course will also explain the viability of promotional elements like trade journals, websites, and trade shows.

Offered Spring for 3 Semester hours.

MKT 33403 Marketing Research

This course focuses on how marketers use research as a tool for decision-making. Topics include: designing quantitative and qualitative research studies, preparing questionnaires, collecting date, and analyzing and reporting results. Situation and data analysis skills are developed through lectures and field projects.

Offered Spring for 3 Semester hours.

MKT 34403 Consumer Behavior

A study of the theoretical concepts of consumer behavior. The course stresses how consumers make decisions, as well as the internal and external forces that can influence the consumer decision-making process. Topics include: the effects of motivation, personality, culture, family, perception, and attitudes on consumption. Through this course, students will also learn how to analyze their own consumer behavior.

Offered Fall for 3 Semester hours.

MKT 47403 Marketing Management

This course focuses on applying many of the marketing concepts discussed throughout the marketing program. Students will be able to identify marketing problems and situations, diagnose causes, and create effective marketing strategies through the use of case studies and field projects. Communications of findings and strategies are emphasized. Prerequisite: MKT 21403

Offered Spring for 3 Semester hours.