Liberal Arts

LA 10001 Gateway to Success

This is a one (1) credit hour course required of all entering students at the University of Rio Grande. The course is designed to assist students with the choice of a college major and career life planning. It will also help students adjust to college, develop an understanding of the learning process, and acquire basic academic “survival skills.”Students will gain an appreciation for a variety of artistic expressions and topics of current interest, which include cultural diversity, personal health and well-being, and  music, dance, and theatre. Course fee required.

Offered Fall, Spring for 1 Semester hours.

LA 10303 Focus on Success

This course is designed to help students create greater success in college and in life. Students will learn many proven strategies for creating greater academic, professional, and personal success.

Offered for 3 Semester hours.

LA 20001 Further Your Rio Experience

This course is designed to complement and build upon the knowledge gained in LA 10001; connect students to the institution, their chosen career path, and local communities through self-awareness, promote development of an academic, social and professional purpose, and promote career skills.

Offered for 1 Semester hours.

LA 20101 Intercultural Communication

The objective of this course is to bring American and international students together in order to promote cultural awareness and understanding. Students are to learn about the differences in cultures and the ways in which we are all alike. Many times we may have a new perspective of our own culture when we experience everyday American life with an International.

Offered for 1 Semester hours.

LA 20103 Prior Learning Assessment

For the nontraditional student wishing to earn credit for life experience. Students will identify skills, knowledge, and values gained from their experiences and training and    equate this learning to college level programs via completion of a portfolio.

Offered for 3 Semester hours.

LA 20303 Gateway to Workforce

This course is designed to prepare and empower students to make a seamless and impactful entry into the workforce.

Offered for 3 Semester hours.