HUM 10103 Honors Seminar in the Humanities

This course is an interdisciplinary exploration and analysis of a selected topic in the Humanities. This course designed to foster an enhanced appreciation of that specific  Humanities topic across the disciplines comprising the Humanities. Topics will vary from term to term. Possible topics include, but are not limited to, Socrates, the Harlem Renaissance, or Postmodernism. Prerequisites: Acceptance into the Rio Grande Honors Program.

Offered Spring for 2 Semester hours.

HUM 20103 (TM) The Humanities

An interdisciplinary study of the methods, issues, and central topics significant to the disciplines comprising the humanities. By exploring and connecting the different disciplinary ways of knowing in the disciplines, this course is designed to foster an enhanced appreciation of the distinctive nature of the humanities and a broad, integrated  perspective. Topics may vary from term to term.

Offered Fall, Spring for 3 Semester hours.