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The Office of Publications serves the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College campus clients by creating and producing their printed materials.

The director ensures that Rio Grande publications meet specifications for quality and branding consistency as established in the Rio Grande Brand Book.

Graphic design services are provided free of charge to all Rio Grande faculty, staff and students. All printing and postage charges will be the responsibility of the client.

Types of publications produced

  • Newsletters
  • Brochures
  • Posters
  • Flyers
  • Programs
  • Booklets
  • Invitations
  • Business cards
  • Note cards
  • Envelopes
  • Forms
  • Banners
  • Calendars
  • T-shirt Design
  • Postcards
  • Certificates

Starting a Project

Steps to Starting a Project

Step 1 – Plan ahead for job design turnaround time
Step 2 – Complete the Publications Request Form
Step 3 – Submit text, graphics and photos
Step 4 – Proof copy and layout thoroughly
Step 5 – The final publication will be sent for printing

Project Schedule

The turnaround time for completing a design project depends on its complexity as well as the number of projects in production ahead of yours. Allowing for these variables, it can take up to two weeks to complete your project design.

Publication Request Form

Complete the Publications Request Form for each new project and submit it to Jean Ann Vance, Director of Publications at All information on the form must be completed in order to start a job.

Submitting Text

All copy must be reviewed and approved by a supervisor before it is submitted to the Office of Publications for design. Making substantial editorial changes during page production can cause extreme delays in the completion of the project. Please submit text as a Microsoft Word document on a disk or email to: Please avoid using tabs and formatting in the Word document. Provide a hard copy of text for all new jobs.

Submitting Graphics and Photos

All graphics and photos should be saved in jpg, tif or eps format at the highest resolution possible. Graphics and photos pulled from the Internet are not of printable quality. Remember, many graphics and photos are protected by copyright and cannot be reproduced without express permission of the owner.

If you are submitting photos of people, a Photo Release Form is required. The form grants permission to the University of Rio Grande/Rio Grande Community College to use photographs taken of that person for use in print materials, displays, websites or other electronic form or media.

Proofing Your Publication

Once the project has been designed, you will receive up to three proofs. Proofreading is the responsibility of the person or department for whom a publication is being created. Please read all proofs carefully. Changes and corrections should be clearly marked to avoid miscommunication.

Purchase orders and check requests must be completed before a publication is released to an outside printer.

Publication Forms

Please completely fill-in the appropriate forms and return to the Office of Publications or email to Jean Ann Vance at

The above forms must be filled in before work can start on your publication.

Publications Policy

Publications Policy

The University of Rio Grande
and Rio Grande Community College
Revision Date: June 25, 2019

Policy Overview
To ensure that all publications representing The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College convey a consistent and accurate message and image, externally disseminated publications must be designed and approved by the publications office. If a publications need is identified, responsible parties should contact the publications office as soon as possible.

Publications contact information

Jean Ann Vance
Director of Publications
Davis Library-Ground Floor Room 19
740.245.7073 voice

ALL publications are to be designed by the Office of Publications

  • Newsletters and magazines, especially those for external distribution to alumni, prospective students and general audiences
  • Academic bulletins and departmental brochures
  • Recruitment materials for students and faculty
  • Conference brochures and programs
  • Covers, folders and invitations for special events
  • Posters

Deadlines for publications review
Please allow three working days for small projects such as invitations, fliers and posters. For larger projects, such as catalogs, magazines and newsletters, please allow at least five to ten working days.


The Rio Grande logo should always be prominently displayed on the cover of any printed piece.
In athletic publications, the RedStorm logo should be used.

  • The formal name of the institution is “The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College.”
  • First mention of the institution name (including logo) should be “The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College.” Rio or Rio Grande is acceptable as a second mention.
  • Do not use the designation Rio Grande University, URG or URG/RGCC.
    The publications office must design special graphics for colleges, departments and related programs and projects.
  • Special graphics should not be used on university letterhead. When used on other publications, special graphics should be secondary to the Rio Grande logo.
  • The university shield is primarily used for official purposes, as in the publications of the institution, its certificates, diplomas and legal documents and printed materials in conjunction with official functions of the university.
  • Most publications should include an overview paragraph about Rio Grande. In some cases, the mission statement is appropriate. The following paragraph is appropriate for most publications:

About Rio Grande

The University’s contemporary 190 acre campus is located in Rio Grande, Ohio, nestled in the beautiful rolling hills of the Southeastern region of the state offering students the safety associated with a small town. The Rio Grande campus is an oasis of learning, innovation, and technology in the region. The institution’s strengths lie in a faculty of teacher/scholars who are dedicated to both the academic and humanistic growth of every student; programs that are academically challenging and numerous opportunities for extracurricular involvement. As America’s unique private/public institution of higher education, Rio Grande’s mission is to provide learners the opportunity to attain a high-quality, high-value education. Our personalized, learner-centered environment promotes successful lives, careers, and responsible citizenship. For more information on the wide range of academic programs offered on Rio Grande’s scenic campus, call 740.245.5353 or log onto

Other Considerations

  • A Rio Grande brand book that contains detailed color and font specifications is available. To receive an electronic copy, please contact:Jean Ann Vance
    Director of Publications
    Davis Library-Ground Floor Room 19
    245.7073 voice
  • Copy should convey information accurately, concisely, clearly and in a style that invites readership and avoids jargon.
  • Low-quality computer typesetting and instant photographs are generally unacceptable.
  • The official colors of the university are red and black. The specification for the red inks
    PMS 1807.
    The purpose of the publication and audiences for whom it is intended should be clear.
  • All publications are expected to use accurate, standardized information on enrollment, research funding, number of faculty, number of buildings, acreage, finances, etc.
  • The publication should leave readers with a positive impact and the impression that warm and friendly people stand ready to serve their needs at Rio Grande.
  • The publication should include instructions about how readers can obtain additional information.
  • The website address,, should be included on all printed materials.

The Equal Opportunity Statement is as follows:

The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College does not discriminate based on race, creed, color, gender, religion, age, disability or national origin. The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College believes in equal opportunity practices that conform to both the spirit and the letter of all laws against discrimination. The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College prohibits discrimination against any qualified person with a disability.

Office of Publications Staff


Office of Publications is located in the basement of Davis Library on the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College campus.

Business hours: 8-5 Monday – Friday
Primary Contact:

Davis Library

Campus Computing & Networking University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College Davis Library

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