Graduation Requirements for Granting a Second BS or BA Degree

The following comprise all the requirements for students to obtain a second BS or BA degree:

  1. Students must meet all the requirements for a second major.
  2. Students may use the same credit from their General Education courses toward both degrees.
  3. The second degree must be in a different area of knowledge. For example, students may earn a degree in business and a second degree in the sciences, etc. In addition, in the area of the liberal arts and social sciences, students may earn a degree in sociology and another psychology, a degree in history and a degree in English, or a degree in economics and a degree in political science. A second degree cannot be earned, however, in an area of knowledge which is too similar or closely related to the first degree major. What will count or will not count as a “different area of knowledge” suitable for earning a second degree will depend upon the approval of the Deans in the relevant disciplinary area.
  4. A license (e.g., in education) to an already earned degree (e.g. English) cannot count as a second degree.
  5. For those who graduate with a BS or BA from the University of Rio Grande and subsequently return to pursue a second BS or BA, the number of years between graduation and returning to pursue a degree can be no more than seven (7) years.