Forgiveness Policy

Any student who has been enrolled at Rio for at least two academic years may petition the Registrar to have certain courses and their grades disregarded. To disregard means that the designated grades and credits earned will be omitted from the GPA calculation, but the courses will remain on the transcript. The student has the right to select the course(s) to be disregarded. If a course is required for a particular program has been disregarded through this policy, the student must repeat the course.

The student will be permitted to use the Forgiveness Policy only once. The new GPA will be used for determining eligibility and/or probation for acceptance into a program and for further calculations of the student’s GPA. Implementation of the policy:

  1. The student must be currently enrolled at the University of Rio Grande.
  2. The student must have completed at least twelve (12) hours of coursework toward a declared major since returning to the University and must be in good standing with a minimum 2.5 GPA.
  3. This policy is applicable only for credit earned at the University of Rio Grande.
  4. A course in which a student has received a failing grade because of an act of academic dishonestly is not eligible for forgiveness.
  5. A notification of the application of this policy will be noted on the student’s transcript.