Excused Absence Policy

The University considers certain class absences to be officially excused. Excused absences are given for official Universitysponsored activities which may include: class field trips, athletic and academic competitions, concert performances, conference attendance, and guest presentations. It is the student’s responsibility to inform his/her instructor prior to the event that he/she is taking the excused absence.

Rehearsals, practices, intramural events, and other personal/ social activities are not included as excused absences.

Personal or family illness and emergencies must be presented separately to each instructor.

An excused absence does not excuse the student from learning course material, from submitting required assignments on time, or from fulfilling other course requirements.

Normally, students will not be penalized for excused absences and will be allowed to make up any missed quizzes or tests. However, the specific nature of some classes or labs may make attendance and active student participation an absolute requirement. Examples include:

  • Classes for which a state or accrediting agency requires a minimum number of hours of supervised instruction.
  • Seminars with frequent student discussions.
  • Labs with specific procedures or experiments that cannot be made up.

A student with too many excused absences from this type of class may need to withdraw and retake the course at a later time.

A student who believes that his or her rights under this policy have been violated may appeal through the University Academic Grievance process.