Academic Probation and Suspension

Academic probation is determined by comparing the student’s cumulative grade point average with the total cumulative (graded) hours. Satisfactory progress is maintained by meeting or exceeding the levels indicated in the following table:

Students not meeting or exceeding these standards will be placed on “Academic Probation.” Students placed on “Academic Probation” are subject to “Academic Suspension” at the end of their next term of attendance. A student may be removed from probation only by meeting or exceeding the appropriate cumulative grade point average indicated in the standards above. A student will be continued on probation by maintaining a grade point average of at least 2.25; the student will continue on probation until the cumulative grade point average reaches the appropriate level for the cumulative hours as shown in the table above.

Students on “Academic Probation” remove themselves from that category by meeting or exceeding the appropriate G.P.A. standards on the table above. Students on “Academic Probation” not demonstrating academic progress are subject to “Academic Suspension” and upon suspension are not eligible for re-admission until the lapse of at least one 15-week semester, excluding summer semesters. Students seeking re-admission to the University and the Community College after “Academic Suspension” must submit a rationale in support of their application. Such rationale should include evidence of the probability of a successful academic program. If re-admission is granted, students are re-admitted on “Academic Probation” and must meet the appropriate standards above. “Academic Suspension” and “Academic Probation” are academic actions permanently recorded on the student’s record.

Students placed on “Academic Suspension” for the first time have the right of appeal. Students must complete the application form for student appeal of “Academic Suspension.” The completed form must be received by the Dean of the College in which the student majors by 10:00 a.m. on the last day of registration prior to classes beginning following the term of suspension for fall semester and by the end of the third week following the close of the spring semester. Suspensions rescinded are so noted on the student’s permanent record.

A student who has successfully appealed an academic suspension will automatically be suspended with no appeal if a semester G.P.A. of 2.25 is not achieved in the semester for which academic suspension was rescinded.

Whether or not a student appeals his/her first suspension, the second suspension cannot be appealed. Academic actions are not taken in summer sessions.

*Due to COVID-19, Academic Probation & Suspension were suspended for the Spring 2020 semester.