Academic Credit

Credit on Transfer
The student must transfer all coursework, except failures, appearing on a transcript from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. Transfer work in the area of the major or minor program or teacher education with a grade of “D” can be applied toward degree requirements only with the approval of the particular department chairperson. However, the grades, as recorded on those transcripts, are transferred and included in the student’s grade point average. The student must finalize transfer credit prior to the end of the first term of enrollment at the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College. A student would be exempted from taking the LA 10001 Gateway to Success class with 20 earned semester hours and 2.0 GPA from another institution.

Credit from Degree Granting Institutions
Transfer Credit Practices, published by the American Association of Collegiate Registrars and Admissions Officers, will be used as a guide in the evaluation of transfer credit from degree granting institutions.

Credit from an Associate Degree
Persons holding an associate degree from a regionally accredited institution must transfer their total work. Such students would be required to complete all requirements of the program for which they register. In some instances, the time to complete a program may exceed normal time expectations depending upon the relationship of the selected program with the earned associate degree.

Credit from Military Service
Four semester hours of physical education credit will be recorded based on validation (DD214) of regular active duty military service of at least 181 consecutive days. For veterans having qualified at some time for VA educational benefits, such credit will constitute the minimum physical education requirements for activity courses. Also, credit may be awarded as a result of military training programs and will be awarded on the basis of the recommendations provided by the American Council on Education. For students qualified for VA educational benefits, all applicable military credit will be applied to the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College transcript. VA students must finalize credit during the first thirty (30) days of enrollment.

Credit from External Testing Programs
Credit is awarded for achievement of certain minimum scores on the College Level Examination Program. Licensed Practical Nurses applying for the Advanced Placement Track Program are required to take the HESI SP PN-ADN and for admission into the traditional ADN Program, the HESI A2 is required.

Life Experience Credit
Rio acknowledges the value of experiential learning in many areas. Learning from experience, whether from university-sponsored experiences or work experiences outside the classroom, can be a means of learning. In order to provide the highest quality, the Prior Learning Assessment Program is based on the CAEL (Council for Adult & Experiential Learning) Standards for Assessing Learning. Please contact Amanda Ehman at 740/245-7443 for further information.

Proficiency Credit by Examination
A formally admitted student may request a test for proficiency credit for courses required in the student’s program but representing some duplication of the student’s previous experiences. Application forms are available in the Academic Affairs Office. The application must be presented for action to the appropriate dean of the college outlining the student’s previous experiences that provide the student with competencies related to the course. Courses successfully completed by examination will receive a grade of “K.” An examination fee and a credit recording fee are required.

Vocational Articulation Credit
Credit may be awarded for certain foundation courses required in technology programs to students graduating from any Ohio high school. Some of the basic skills required in various technologies can be learned effectively in high school, and where the student can present proper evidence that such has occurred, the University may award recognition credit and not require the work to be repeated. Typical skill areas that may be considered are typing, machine shop, drafting, and welding. The credit awards are not automatic, but must be requested by the student. The student must also arrange for his/her high school to verify the skill proficiency, and it is recommended that this be done immediately after graduation from high school. The student should request details of the requirements and proper procedure for obtaining credit from the University or the School of Engineering Technologies. Such credit will be recorded with a grade of “K.”

Foreign Language Transfer Credit
To receive credits in a foreign language from an institution other than the University of Rio Grande or Rio Grande Community College, a student may transfer credits at the appropriate level or validate his/her level of proficiency by passing a nationally recognized examination under the “Proficiency Credit” Policy, as outlined above. Under certain circumstances, students may be required to complete a course selected from SPA 23803/33803 or SPA 38801-03. Native speakers of other languages may receive credit for a foreign language by demonstrating the equivalent level of proficiency in English.