Spring 2020 Dean’s and Merit List

Spring 2020 Deans and Merit Feature image

RIO GRANDE, OH- The University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College congratulates the following students for their scholastic achievement during the unusual Spring 2020 semester. The students who are recognized on the Dean’s List earned a 3.75 GPA or higher while those students earned a 3.5-3.74 GPA.

Dean’s List

Bobby Anderson of Catlettsburg KY • Lailoni Anderson of Oak Hill, OH • Brian Anderson of Racine, OH • Kaylie Apperson of Malta, OH • Chase Arndt of Clyde, OH • Katlyn Barber of Coolville, OH • Charity Beekman of Waverly, OH • Kaci Bell of Portsmouth, OH • MICHELLE BELL SHARP Bremen, OH • Jordan Bingham of Cincinnati, OH • Joshua Blackburn of Jackson, OH • Colton Blakeman of Piketon, OH • John Blankenship of Gallipolis, OH • Brynna Boggs of Oak Hill, OH • Dana Boggs of Patriot, OH • Josephine Bond of Oak Hill, OH • Hannah Borden-Coleman of Rio Grande, OH • Mya Bouska of Wellston, OH • Baleigh Bradley of Portsmouth, OH • Taylor Brewster of Grove City, OH • Vanessa Brisker of McArthur, OH • Jayla Brown of Chillicothe, OH • Matthew Brown of Albany, OH • Hayley Brown of Gallipolis, OH • Patrick Brown of Bidwell, OH • Mark Brown Jr of Gallipolis, OH • Baylee Browning of Bidwell, OH • Elizabeth Burton of Jackson, OH • Randy Burton of Jackson, OH • Rebecca Burton of Oak Hill, OH • Maria Calhoun of Crown City, OH • Nicolas Cam of Santiago Chile • Viviana Capozella of Dover, OH • Taylor Carleton of Reedsville, OH • Landon Carroll of Jackson, OH • Ramischayil Carter of of Cincinnati, OH • Jennifer Case of McArthur, OH • Brock Cash of Rio Grande, OH • Kelsey Casto of Long Bottom, OH • Kimberly Caudill of Jackson, OH • Patsy Chadwell of Long Bottom, OH • Brandy Chandler of Peebles, OH • Alexis Chapman of Bidwell, OH • Tori Church of Gallipolis, OH • Deidra Cleland of Pomeroy, OH • Rachal Colburn of Crown City, OH • Jessica Coleman of Reedsville, OH • Zachary Collins of New of Albany, OH • Jayla Comer of Oak Hill, OH • Andrew Compston of Wellston, OH • Lauren Cooper of Bidwell, OH • Kristin Crabtree of Jackson, OH • Sierra Cress of Rio Grande, OH • Michaela Criner of Bremen, OH • Emily Crossen of Ashland, OH • Katie Curtis of Patriot, OH • Shelbi Dailey of Racine, OH • Jacquelynn Dailey of Middleport, OH • Shannon Dalton of Jackson, OH • Eli Daniels of Portsmouth, OH • Chase Davis of Rio Grande, OH • Anna Dickinson of McArthur, OH • Zoe Doll of Lucasville, OH • Destiny Dotson of Bidwell, OH • Collin Doughty of Marietta, OH • William Downey IV of McArthur, OH • Megan Duduit of Minford, OH • Daulton DuVall of Flatwoods, KY • Brianna Eberle of St. Marys, OH • Mikayla Edelmann of Gallipolis, OH • Josiah Edwards of Wheelersburg, OH • Abigail Eichmiller Vincent, OH • Alexia Elick of Laurelville, OH • Laura Elliott of Wellston, OH • Katelyn Eynon of Jackson, OH • Sharp Facemyer of Pomeroy, OH • Joshua Faro of Gallipolis, OH • Jacob Faro of Gallipolis, OH • Aaron Ferguson of Proctorville, OH • Madison Fields of Pomeroy, OH • Joseph Forester of Gallipolis, OH • Matthew Frank of Reedsville, OH • Shannon French of Oak Hill, OH • Britney Fury of Jackson, OH • Alexandria Garcia of Jackson, OH • Kylie Gheen of Long Bottom, OH • Tia Gibbs of Lebanon, OH • Cara Gibson of Patriot, OH • Lauren Goebel of Chillicothe, OH • Abigail Grasso of Portsmouth, OH • Lesley Greene of Hartford WV • Kyler Greenlee of Bidwell, OH • Hollie Griffith of Syracuse, OH • Rachel Griffith of Jackson, OH • Ashley Grooms of Lynx, OH • Quinnton Haislop of Jackson, OH • Mitchell Hale of Oak Hill, OH • Jeremy Hammond of Chillicothe, OH • Caden Harden of Oak Hill, OH • Avery Harper of Winchester, OH • Grant Harrison of Gallipolis, OH • Amber Hart of Athens, OH • Trinity Hassey of Columbus, OH • Katie Hemsley of Jackson, OH • Derek Henry of Gallipolis, OH • Kirsten Hesson of Gallipolis, OH • Christian Higginbotham of Bidwell, OH • Timothy Hill of Gallipolis, OH • Brooke Hoffman of Columbus Grove, OH • Joel Horner of Bidwell, OH • Megan Hornsby of Patriot, OH • Aaliyah Howell of Gallipolis, OH • Amaya Howell of Gallipolis, OH • Douglas Huff of New Haven WV • Maylea Huff of Mc Arthur, OH • Marcus Illingworth of Uckfield, East Sussex, England • Ricky Isaly of Clarington, OH • Clara Janofa of Salem, OH • Jolie Jarrett of Gallipolis, OH • Alexis Jeffers of Vinton, OH • Shania Jenkins of Waverly, OH • Brandon Johnson of Racine, OH • Jade Johnson of Chillicothe, OH • Zachary Johnson of Gallipolis, OH • Jeremy Johnson of Gallipolis, OH • Taylor Jones of Middleport, OH • Ashley Jones of Laurelville, OH • Madalynn Karshner of Circleville, OH • Madison Keney of Pomeroy, OH • Kaitlyn Kight of Jackson, OH • Lora Kinney of Vinton, OH • Bethany Kinnison of McArthur, OH • Vladimir Kirk of Vinton, OH • Carrie Kiser of Ashland KY • Amber Kisor of Wellston, OH • Raymond Lawson of Racine, OH • Sara Lennert of Garden City, MI • Dalton Lewis of Oak Hill, OH • Makayla Liedtke of Lowell, OH • Trinity Liming of Georgetown, OH • Karen Litteral of Lucasville, OH • Colin Little of Bidwell, OH • Philip Luckeydoo of Bidwell, OH • Silas Machado of Sao Paulo, Brazil • Taylor Mack of Akron, OH • Molley Mannon of Willow Wood, OH • Kristin Mannon of Willow Wood, OH • Annie Martin of Jackson, OH • Peri Martin of Gallipolis, OH • Kara Mathews of Wellston, OH • Madalyn McCann Rushville, OH • Jarret McCarley of Vinton, OH • Turner McClure of Jackson, OH • Gretchen McConnell of Patriot, OH • Addie McDaniel Long Bottom, OH • Shelby McFarland Kitts Hill, OH • Michael McKinniss of Wellston, OH • Christopher Meade Seaman, OH • Bailey Meadows of Gallipolis, OH • Ethan Mercer of Jackson, OH • Ashley Merrill of Jackson, OH • Nicholas Metzler of Oak Hill, OH • Ashleigh Miller-Weaver of Vinton, OH • Breeanna Minehart of Westerville, OH • Joshua Moffett of Vinton, OH • Sarah Moffett of Vinton, OH • Piper Moleski of Albany, OH • Bonnie Montgomery of Crown City, OH • Grace Montgomery of Gallipolis, OH • Jason Montgomery of Crown City, OH • Erin Morgan of Bidwell, OH • James Morris of Vinton, OH • Sydney Mullins of Wellston, OH • Cecilia Murphy of Fayetteville, OH • Haley Musser of Racine, OH • Zach Nagel of Wheelersburg, OH • Madelynn Nance of Gallipolis, OH • Kendall Neal of Jackson, OH • Scarlet Newton of McArthur, OH • Reba Nicholson of Wellston, OH • Shelley Nicholson of Chillicothe, OH • Margaret Njiiri of Gahanna, OH • Chloe Norris of Wellston, OH • Karley Osborne of Jackson, OH • Carolyn Patterson of Millstone WV • Acacia Peck of Albany, OH • Arden Peck of Albany, OH • Alexa Pennington of Wheelersburg, OH • Alexis Philen of Tallmadge, OH • Jayce Phillips of Wellston, OH • Jillian Phillips of Jackson, OH • Courtney Pifher of Tiro, OH • Autumn Porter of Racine, OH • Adrianna Powell of Bidwell, OH • Chasity Price of Patriot, OH • Holly Pummel of Chillicothe, OH • Brittany Reed of Jackson, OH • Brittani Rider of Piketon, OH • Gannon Rippeth of Jackson, OH • Micaela Risner of Wheelersburg, OH • Hunter Rockhold of Clinton, OH • Macy Roell of Farmersville, OH • Kathleen Root of Tiffin, OH • Jessica Roush of Bidwell, OH • Allivia Runyon of Vinton, OH • Corey Rupe of Thurman, OH • Jesse Russell of Gallipolis, OH • Dylan Rutt of Scottown, OH • Patricia Rutt of Crown City, OH • Morgan Santos of Dayton, OH • Jessica Sargent of Pataskala, OH • Sophia Scarmack of Albany, OH • Shelby Schmitt of Fairfield, OH • Natalie Seeberg of Urbana, OH • Desirae Sharp of Oak Hill, OH • Jazmynn Sharp of Mc Arthur, OH • Caitlyn Shelton of Wellston, OH • Sarah Shepard of Lancaster, OH • Carly Shriver of Cheshire, OH • Macey Siders of Gallipolis, OH • McKenzie Siders of Gallipolis, OH • Wyatt Sipple of Gallipolis, OH • Carly Skeese of Nashport, OH • Samantha Smith of Pomeroy, OH • Cyndal Smith of Vinton, OH • Cory Snider of Lynchburg, OH • Megan Souders of Wellston, OH • Cayla Spaun of Cheshire, OH • Jennifer Spencer of Long Bottom, OH • Natasha Sperry of Jackson, OH • Regan Stanley of Roswell, NM • Alexandrea Stewart of Chillicothe, OH • Rileigh Swingle of Jackson, OH • Ashley Taylor of Chillicothe, OH • Grace Thomas of Patriot, OH • Aaliyah Tobin of Shade, OH • Kylie Tong of Latham, OH • Marilyn Turner of Oak Hill, OH • Taisha Valenzuela of Lancaster, OH • Bryan Vance of Gallipolis, OH • Emily Walker of Gallipolis, OH • Mikah Walker of Gallipolis, OH • Bailey Watson of Gallipolis, OH • Abbygale Watson of Racine, OH • Alexis Webb of Jackson, OH • Taylor Webb of Willow Wood, OH • Mikka Wells of Oak Hill, OH • Caleb West of Rarden, OH • Natalie Wilcoxon of Gallipolis, OH • Brady Williams of Wellston, OH • Brandylynn Witmer of Pottsville, PA • Abigayle Wood of Jackson, OH • Lexi Woods of Waverly, OH • Alexis Wothe of Rio Grande, OH • Barbara Wright of Gallipolis, OH • Mikayla Wroten of Crown City, OH • Candace Yongue of Wilksville, OH • James Yongue of Vinton, OH • Allie Young of Bidwell, OH • Laura Young of Vinton, OH • Kevin Young of Middleport, OH • Jess Youse of Montpelier, OH • Kyra Zuspan of Long Bottom, OH


Merit List

Megan of Bailey of Bidwell, OH • Jonathan Beaver of Gallipolis, OH • Laken Bethel of Oak Hill, OH • Chantel Black of Institute WV • Shiloah Blevins of Wheelersburg, OH • Hanna Bottomley of Syracuse, OH • Devan Brown of Gallipolis, OH • Haley Burton of Coolville, OH • Jessica Cales of Oak Hill, OH • Emily Call of Jackson, OH • William Chapman of Pomeroy, OH • Chelsea Clutters of Oak Hill, OH • Riley Colburn of Crown City, OH • Reece Collins of Columbus, OH • Billy Cooper of Ray, OH • Payten Davis of Chillicothe, OH • Hannah DeHart of Jackson, OH • Haley Diltz of Oak Hill, OH • Nicole Folmer of Pomeroy, OH • Holden Fritz of Canton, OH • Garrison George of Vinton, OH • Hugh Graham IV of Gallipolis, OH • Alexis Hart of Johnstown, OH • Raelynn Hastings of Commercial Point, OH • Daton Hatfield of Jackson, OH • Cory Holbrook of Racine, OH • Terri Holcomb of Jackson, OH • Travis Hunt of Eldorado, OH • Shelby Jenkins of Waverly, OH • Jordan Johnson of Gallipolis, OH • Grace Johnson of South Charleston, WV • Jasper Johnson of Gallipolis, OH • Hailey Jordan of Columbus, OH • Acacia Kauffman of Chillicothe, OH • Katherine Kelly of Beavercreek, OH • Toree Kisor of Oak Hill, OH • Elizabeth Leach of Waterford, OH • Megan Lowe of Oak Hill, OH • Briley Lusk of Wellston, OH • Aubree Lyons of Middleport, OH • Santiago Martinez-Rivera of Gahanna, OH • Crystal Meyer of west Liberty, KY • Misty Moore of Jackson, OH • Herbert Murphy of Marysville, OH • Megan Newvahner of Albany, OH • Lindsey Oevermeyer of Cheshire, OH • Paige ONeill of Coalton, OH • Trenton Overturf of West Frankfort IL • Cherika Pennington of Vinton, OH • Heather Phalin of Middleport, OH • Mikayla Pope of Gallipolis, OH • Macie Potts of Jackson, OH • Kim Rayburn of Gallipolis, OH • Alisha Sagraves of Mc Arthur, OH • Naysa Sanchez calle John F. Kennedy #18 Caguas • Madison Sanders of Gallipolis, OH • Ashley Scarberry of Hamden, OH • Austin Setty of Leesburg, OH • Shelby Sheets of North Lewisburg, OH • Ashley Shinkle of Ashville, OH • Carter Smith of Point Pleasant WV • Christopher Somerville of Gallipolis, OH • Damien Spencer of Mason WV • Lauren Stewart of Pomeroy, OH • Sierra Stewart of McArthur, OH • Emma Stroth of Jackson, OH • Finn Tomlin of Georgetown, OH • Jordan Walker of Rio Grande, OH • Mollie Waugh of Gallipolis, OH • Madison Wood of Racine, OH • Trinaty Woods of Chillicothe, OH • Hanna Young of Pomeroy, OH

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