Rio Announces Partnership with Eurasia University in China

Rio Announces Partnership with Eurasia University in China

President Johnston and Eurasia University President Hu Jianbo sign the Memorandum of Understanding, an agreement between the two universities to collaborate for the advancement of quality education at both institutions.

The University of Rio Grande is continuing to move forward in its initiative for worldwide cultural exchange. Rio is excited to announce its official partnership with Eurasia University in Xi’an, China. International Programs and Services Director Abby Conder said this important partnership will lead to exciting international education opportunities for students, staff and faculty at both institutions.

“Having Eurasia University as a partner in furthering quality education is an absolute honor. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to team up with such an outstanding private institution,” Conder said. “We are all so excited to work with them on this endeavor, and I’m confident this cooperation between our institutions will lead to many opportunities for both of our faculties, staffs and students.”

Eurasia University, established in 1995, is a leading private institution of higher education in China. The university focuses on student-centered philosophy and providing its students with new experiences and internationalization. Eurasia University President and Founder, Hu Jianbo, said he believes students at Eurasia University will benefit from the partnership with Rio by gaining potential short-term or degree-level collaboration possibilities.

“We are very excited for this partnership with the University of Rio Grande. Rio shares our philosophy of providing new opportunities to students and focusing on preparing them for their futures in a globalized world,” President Hu said. “I believe both institutions will benefit from this partnership, and we are eager to welcome students and faculty from Rio to our own campus.”

Rio and Eurasia University will begin hosting both short and semester-long exchange programs for students and faculty from the institutions. Dr. Vicki Crooks, an assistant professor for Rio’s School of Arts and Letters, was privileged to visit Eurasia University and spend a week co-teaching English and communications courses this past semester. Conder said this is the first exchange of many opportunities for faculty of both institutions to share their knowledge with one another’s students.

“We hope many of our faculty will be able to take part in this exchange as Dr. Crooks has already done. This is a great opportunity for our faculty to further broaden their experiences and bring that new knowledge to our campuses,” Conder said. “We are also very excited for the potential of a ‘Two-Plus-Two’ program for students from Eurasia University. This opportunity will allow them to take their first two years at Eurasia and then transfer to Rio for their final two years.”

To continue strengthening the new partnership, Eurasia University recently invited Rio President Dr. Michelle Johnston to be the keynote speaker for the Eurasia Faculty Development Forum. She said this honor reflects the dedication both institutions have to providing the best possible experience to students, faculty and their communities.

“It was a privilege to be the keynote speaker at the Eurasia Faculty Development Forum where faculty and administrative leaders form over 150 Chinese universities came together to discuss teaching and learning. Eurasia University is a kindred spirit to Rio in creating a student-focused environment and is leading the way in China. Eurasia is an outstanding institution due in large part to President Hu’s dedication and vision, as well as the commitment and enthusiasm of the faculty and staff. We are confident that Rio students and faculty will feel welcome throughout this partnership and return to us with wonderful experiences to share,” Johnston said. “Our institutions share a mission to provide high-quality, learner-focused educational opportunities to our students and to provide them with the tools and resources necessary for a successful future.”

Including the partnership with Eurasia University, Rio expects to have over 20 countries represented on campus this fall.

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