Darcy’s Study Abroad Update

Life in Wales has me searching for the motivation to get moving on my assignments and has me spending multiple hours in library looking for the research I need for my research proposal. I’m currently sitting outside the classroom waiting for professor to get here. I have an afternoon class on Monday and a morning class on Tuesday that last until 3. I am going to try to do a day in the life as a student in Wales during my busiest day which is Tuesday.

Last Saturday I took a train with some friends to Pembroke Dock. The train station is about a 30-minute walk and we made sure we left in plenty of time because we had times where we had to run to catch the train which was very stressful

Pembroke Castle was by far the biggest and coolest castle I got to visit so far. It was a medieval castle that was built by Arnulf de Montgomery after the Battle of Hastings in 1066. My friend Nitzan and I spent over five hours there and couldn’t get enough. There were lots of open space to explore and multiple opportunities to climb to the different parts of the castle. We got an hour-long tour explaining the history behind the floor level of the castle. It was very interesting and the woman was very good at storytelling. I knew it was good when my actor friends mentioned how well she performed and suggested that she becomes an actor herself.

I quickly discovered the weather patterns of Wales which consist of: cloudy mornings, rainy days, little bit of sun, then cloudy nights. I didn’t pack appropriate shoes or even a rain jacket for the weather. My cheap self decided that I would be fine without a rain jacket but desperately needed to invest in a pair of shoes that won’t carry puddles of water everywhere I go. I was hesitant about ordering anything from Amazon here because I didn’t know what to expect with the prices and stuff but I can honestly say that I am amazed.  I ordered hiking boots the night before and got them before noon the next day. I am still flabbergasted at how fast my shoes came and immediately texted some of my good friends back home because my mind is still blown. Anyway, the train ride was about an hour and a half and trains are so normal to people here. My friends and I are soaking in how amazing it is that we are on a train, turning our heads like golden retrievers trying to capture every moment while the people ahead of us have headphones on and look eager to get on with their lives and get to their destinations already. It’s like they don’t realize what is in front of them and they take how cool it is that they are on a train for granted. It reminds me of how I am with how frequently we get to see snow. Snow to me is fine the first few times then I get tired of it but some of my classmates constantly bond over how they want more snow days and how they want to play in. As humans, it is difficult for us to focus on what we do have instead of what we do have.

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