Business Students Visit Wall Street

Business Students Visit Wall Street

Seniors from Assistant Professor Roger Watson’s strategic management course at the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College Emerson E. Evans School of Business traveled to New York City to visit Wall Street

Students from the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College Emerson E. Evans School of Business traveled to New York City to visit Wall Street. Roger Watson, assistant professor of business, said he feels it is important for students to get a glimpse of daily life in a center for international business.

“This is such a great educational and travel experience for the students. Visiting Wall Street and New York is such an amazing experience for anyone in business. They get to learn more about finance and its history from professionals in the field who work in this center for international business,” Watson said. “This is the fourteenth time I’ve taken students to Wall Street, so I’m very glad the school of business continues to sponsor this effort, and we have the support of our administration because trips like this are so important to providing our students with a quality education.”

All seven students who went on the trip are seniors in Watson’s capstone strategic management course. He said this educational experience doubles as a reward for the students’ hard work in both the course and the school of business.

“The students not only had this invaluable educational experience, but the chance to do some great sightseeing as well. These are students who have worked hard and are close to graduation, so this is a great reward for them,” Watson said. “New York is made from workers who came from everyday America, so it’s important to give them the opportunity to talk to these business professionals and learn how they got where they are. It’s an excellent memory to take with them as they graduate.”

The group spent two days touring Wall Street and the city. Andrea Edelmann, a business management major, said she enjoyed getting to experience day-to-day life on Wall Street.

“This was a very educational experience for me. Working on Wall Street takes a lot of dedication, so it was great to meet people who work there and learn even more about working in finance and business from them,” Edelmann said. “I’m really thankful to Rio for getting to go on this trip.”

Cherokee Ruby, an accounting major, said she plans to take what she learned on the trip into her career.

“Finance is where I want my career to be, so it was great to see where it all began and tour the Wall Street Museum to see the history of the field,” Ruby said. “This is something I will remember for all of my career.”

For more information on the Emerson E. Evans School of Business, contact Admissions at 40-245-7208.

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