Residence Life Renewal Agreement

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General Provisions

  1. The Residence Hall Agreement is issued for the full academic year or remainder thereof, excluding summer sessions.
  2. The Student is responsible for contacting the Housing Office to formalize and document any release from this Agreement.
  3. This Agreement will be accepted only from a person who has been admitted as a student. PSEO students are not eligible to resideon campus. A plea of guilty to, a finding of guilty by a referee, jury or court, or a conviction of any of the following may disqualify a Student from residing on-campus: (1) a felony; (2) a sexual offense, as defined in chapter 2907 of the Ohio Revised Code; (3) an offense of violence, as defined in section 2901.01 (A)(9) of the Ohio Revised Code; (4) a drug abuse offense, as defined in section 2925.01 (G)of the Ohio Revised Code; and (5) conduct substantially comparable to (1) through (5) above, occurring in a jurisdiction outside the state of Ohio.
  4. As part of the application to reside in the residence halls, the Student’s signature, or parent’s signature when the Student is under the age of 18, denotes consent to a criminal background search and authorizes the University to obtain and review criminal records and dispositions through a method deemed appropriate by the University. If denied the opportunity to reside in the residence halls onthe basis of information received from a criminal background check, the Student may request and will be provided with a copy of the information. If the Student disagrees with the accuracy of any information concerning the criminal background check, the Student will notify the University of any challenge to the information within five (5) business days of receipt of the report. The University willnot make a final decision regarding the Student’s eligibility to reside in the residence halls until the student has had a reasonable opportunity to address the accuracy of the information.
  5. The Student must vacate and remove personal property from the Student’s room within twenty-four (24) hours after withdrawal from the University or termination of this Contract. The Director of Residence Life or his/her designee may request the Student to vacate Student’s room within twenty-four (24) hours after the Student’s last final examination each academic session.
  6. The Student hereby agrees to accept the room assignment as provided by the University. The University agrees to consider information and requests submitted by the Student, but no guarantee of a specific assignment is implied by the University.
  7. The Student agrees to only use his/her room for residential purpose and not to use residence hall accommodations:
  1. For any unlawful purposes;
  2. To conduct a personal business enterprise;
  3. As a sublet to another student or individual.
  1. The University may require the Student to relocate during term(s) of the Agreement in an effort to consolidate occupancy due to vacancies or to accommodate other operational needs (e.g. remodeling/renovation projects; unusual demand for on-campus housing accommodations; interruption in utility services, etc.).
  2. The Student agrees to surrender possession of the premises in as good order and condition as when initially occupied; reasonable use, natural wear and tear, and unavoidable casualty without fault of the Student are expected. All repairs and maintenance in the Residence Halls shall be made only by the University through its authorized personnel. Final inspection of the Student(s) rooms and billing of any damages are at the discretion of Residence Life Staff.
  3. The Student agrees to use due care in use of the assigned living unit, furniture and appliances therein and of all other University property. Charges for special cleaning, keys, repairing damages, and/or replacing loss to University property caused by Student(s) and/or Guest(s) lack of due care will be billed to the Students(s) responsible for damages and/or charges. If damage and/or charges cannot be attributed to an individual resident, the amount will be appropriately divided and charged to all resident(s) of the living unit.
  4. Scotch tapes, nails, glue, screws, etc., should not be used on walls, woodwork, ceiling, or furniture.
  5. Any damage resulting from securing items to the room or cost associated with removing items from the room will be charged to the Student(s).
  6. University officials have the right to enter property owned, leased, or operated by the University for purposes of inspecting for cleanliness, orderliness, safety, maintenance, and to recover University property and administer University regulations.
  7. Students must evacuate the Residence Hall when a fire alarm sounds. Tampering with service equipment is prohibited and may subject the Student to a fine by the residence hall judicial system and/or arrest or criminal action. Service equipment is defined as, but is not limited to, fire alarms, multi-media connection ports, electrical, heating and cooling equipment.

Refund/Release and Forfeiture Policy

  1. A Student withdrawing during an academic term or summer session will receive NO REFUND of charges for room.
  2. The Student shall not be liable for further forfeitures and shall be released from further financial liability beyond the date of termination if the University, in its sole discretion, terminates the Contract:
  1. In the event the Student has misrepresented or purposefully omitted any fact on the Agreement specifically as it relates to the report of a crime(s) committed by the Student prior to the submission of the Agreement. Failure to report may result in the current Agreement cancellation and denial of any future Agreement submission. The Student is required to report any convictions which fall under 1-D of the Agreement Conditions that may occur while the Student maintains an active Agreement with the University.
  2. In the event that the Student is dismissed or suspended from the University or if the Student is placed on terms of disciplinary probation or is otherwise dismissed or suspended from the Residence Halls through the student judicial process, in accordance with the Student Handbook.
  1. Notice requirements. All notices of intent to break this Agreement must be submitted to the Office of Resident Life. If the Student is under the age of 18, the written notification of termination must be co-signed by the Student’s parent or legal guardian.


No Show Policy

The University will hold Student’s assignment until the close of business of Wednesday of the first week of each semester. At that time the room will be reassigned, Student’s Agreement will be canceled and Prepayment will be forfeited, and/or cancellation fee will be incurred as applicable.

Room Accommodations

  1. The University will furnish room accommodations during the time the University is deemed “in session.” Students who wish to remain in the residence halls over portions of the University’s break periods:
  2. Will need to make a formal request to the Office of Resident Life which includes the dates of extended occupancy.
  3. Will be assessed the prevailing per diem rate for the additional services based upon the number of extended days.
  4. May leave possessions in the Student’s room during break periods occurring within the academic year, except that the University may, upon advance notice, require the Student’s room to be vacated completely during any such period. The University will not be responsible for loss of or damage to the personal property of the Student. It is suggested the Student contact an insurance agent concerning protection against such losses, or for coverage under a family house-hold policy. The University will not be responsible for any liability whatsoever to person or property of the Student.
  5. In cases of emergency, Student authorizes University to deliver any or all such property or possessions of the Student to the emergency contact or as otherwise designated by the Student.
  6. Student agrees to allow the University to share his/her personal contact information (cell phone, email) with assigned roommate(s) for communication purposes.


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