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The University of Rio Grande offers a variety of opportunities for students to be involved in campus life. Numerous activities that are recreational, educational, and cultural are offered throughout the academic year to accommodate the diverse interests of our students. Past events have included ski and hiking trips, concerts, coffeehouse acts, comedians, out-door carnival attractions, simulators, dances, fundraisers, professional hockey games, and NFL games. Student interests are the driving force behind planning campus activities.


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Student Services

The mission of the Office of Student Affairs is to enhance each student’s personal growth, decision-making abilities, and career development within a collegial environment. To better communicate this mission to students and to communicate the appropriate framework of rules, regulations, and policies, the Division is responsible for the annual development and implementation of the Student Handbook. To fulfill its mission, the Division provides:

  1. The Office of Student Affairs  which creates programs to fulfill the Division’s mission; coordinates, supervises, and evaluates programs; directs communication from the general college community to individual programs; and plans future programs to meet student developmental goals.
  2. A health program which emphasizes preventative care and wellness activities through health education services and utilizes resources available on campus and in the community to assist in meeting the individual health needs of each student.
  3. A residence hall program which facilitates the student’s growth toward independence within the institution’s general framework and offers academic, personal, and social support from trained paraprofessional and undergraduate staff.
  4. A student activities program which encourages the student’s involvement in cultural, intellectual, recreational, and social activities.
  5. A student government and a student judicial program which facilitates the development of student decision making and self-responsibility.

Threat Assessment Team

The mission of the Threat Assessment Team is to provide a safe campus environment to our students, faculty, staff and Rio community. The team will intervene to avert any threat posed by an individual or situation.

 Our Multidisciplinary team reacts to identify behaviors displayed by student, employees and all others visiting our campus prior to an incidents, to attempt to prevent violence so that the Rio campus remains a safe and secure working ad learning environment.   


Student Handbook Cover 2021The purposes of this booklet are fourfold: (1) to provide the student with information about aspects of Student life at the University and Community College; (2) to notify the student of the rules for disciplinary procedures; (3) to notify the student of sanctions for violation of University and Community College rules; and (4) to advise the student to read this book, and any updates very carefully. Doing so will answer many questions about life on campus and will enhance the positive experience the University and Community College wants for each of its students.

Students are bound and required to observe the rules and regulations set forth in this book as a student at the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College. The University and Community College may change the rules, sanctions, and procedures for discipline. The Student Handbook will be updated annually (July) and all changes will be applied at that time.

The other students at the University and Community College are relying on your observance of these rules, just as you may rely on theirs; however, this booklet and its contents are not intended to be in the nature of a contract enforceable by you against the University. While this booklet does set forth the duties and obligations the University and Community College and fellow students will expect of you, the University and Community College retains all rights they have in regards to the operation of the institutions before the printing and dissemination of this handbook.


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Student Affairs, Accessibility, Housing, Health Services and Student Engagement are located in the James A. Rhodes Student Center on the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College campus.

Business hours: 8-5 Monday – Friday

James A. Rhodes Student Center

James A. Rhodes Student Center




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