School of Health & Behavioral Sciences

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The School of Health & Behavioral Sciences offers a variety of programs for students to choose from.  All of our programs are designed to give the student the best learning experience possible.  Our graduates can leave with confidence knowing that they have gained the knowledge necessary to be successful in any Health & Behavioral Sciences career they have chosen.

Before entering Allied Health programs such as Diagnostic Medical Sonography, Respiratory Care Therapy, and Certified Occupational Therapy students are required to take a course in Biology, Chemistry, and Algebra passed with a grade C or higher.  The Radiologic Technology program requires students to take a course in Biology, Chemistry, Algebra, and Physics (or Physical Science in high school) passed with a grade of C or higher.  It is highly recommended for high school students, who are interested in an Allied Health field, to take these courses in high school.  If a student does not take these courses in high school, they will be required to take them at the college level. 

NOTE:  Some programs require other college courses before applying to the program.

Allied Health Programs


Medical Billing and Coding Certificate


Diagnostic Medical Sonography


Health Care Administration



Radiologic Technology



Respiratory Care Practitioner


Sports and Exercise Studies


Programs Offered In Partnership With Other Institutions:  


Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant



Two-year Program Applications

DMS, RAD, and Respiratory 2020 Applications will be available starting January 1, 2020.  Applications deadline is June 1, 2020

Two-Year Program FACT Sheets

Four-Year Program FACT Sheets

One-Year Certificate Program FACT Sheets

Faculty & Staff




Phone Number

Professor of Radiologic Technology
(740) 245-7319
Instructor of Medical Coding and Billing
(740) 288-0284
Director, Radiologic Technology Program
(740) 245-7447
(740) 245-7397
Assistant Professor of Psychology
(740) 245-7273
Social Work Program & Field Director
(740) 245-7263
Secretary to the Dean, College of Arts & Sciences
(740) 245-7182
Assistant Professor of Sports and Exercise Studies
(740) 245-7492
Assistant Professor of Social Work
(740) 245-7272
Assistant Professor of Diagnostic Medical Sonography
(740) 416-0891
Assistant Professor of Health & Physical Education
(740) 245-7491
DMS Program Director
(740) 245-7139
Head Coach of Men's Cross Country
(740) 245-7487


The School Health and Behavioral Sciences is located in Davis Careers Center and Wood Hall on the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College campus.

Business hours: 8-5 Monday – Friday

For more information contact:

Davis Careers Center

Davis Careers Center at the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College

Wood Hall

Wood Hall at the University of Rio Grande & Rio Grande Community College

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