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Ways to Give

Rio Fund

Donors can donate to the General Rio Fund to help cover wide-ranging institutional needs. These funds help with general physical expenses to campus along with other operational costs.


Changing Tomorrows Fund

For many of our students, the pathway to graduation can be met with many outside roadblocks. The Changing Tomorrows fund was established to provide students, who owe a small balance, the funds they need to be able to register for the following semester. This allows them to remain on their educational path to Change their Tomorrow.

Student Activities Fund

A rich campus experience is an integral part of a college education. Your gift to the Student Activities Fund supports our efforts in providing diverse programming for the social, emotional, and intellectual needs of our students.


Campus Beautification Fund

Rio’s campus offers a beautiful place to live and learn. Gifts to the Campus Beautification Fund allow us to enhance the aesthetics of our campus, maintain its beautiful grounds and sustain the beauty of Rio.



Helping Hands Awards

This award is intended to directly help students with individual financial needs associated with their studies. Examples of covered costs with Helping Hands include gas money, rent, books, school supplies, etc…


Memorial Fund

Families and friends may open a memorial fund for their loved one to honor his or her memory. Many of these funds are created as scholarships to help further student’s education.


Athletic Booster Fund

Donors can donate to Athletic Boosters to help support and fund Rio’s Redstorm athletic teams and facilities. These funds support with uniforms, travel, bus rental, etc…

Institutional Advancement at the University of Rio Grande is dedicated to advancing the mission by supporting higher education and cultivating relationships that result in continuing goodwill and financial support from alumni, friends, organizations, and community.

Please make your gift check payable to University of Rio Grande and mail to:

University of Rio Grande
Office of Institutional Advancement
PO Box 500
Rio Grande, OH 45674

If you would like to designate your gift to a particular use, please note that in the memo portion of your donation.

For more information on giving to Rio, contact


Annette Ward

Annette Ward
Executive Director of Institutional Advancement
phone: 740-245-7221
fax: 740-245-4909

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