Enrollment Highs for Rio Grande

Rio Grande, OH-This fall, the University of Rio Grande is seeing record enrollment growth.  The small private college, located in Southern Ohio, welcomed 714 freshmen to campus this fall, an increase of 38% over last fall.  And residence hall numbers grew by nearly 40%.  “There is an energy on campus we haven’t felt in years,” said Chief Operating Officer and Vice President of Student and Administrative Affairs, Rebecca Long.  “It’s a great time to get involved in campus life.”

“We are very excited with our enrollment growth over the past two years,” said President Ryan Smith. Smith became the 24th president of Rio Grande in October of 2019.  “The Rio family is growing quickly, and we are really making a meaningful impact on the future of our students,” added Smith.

The past year has brought many changes to Rio, most importantly, the Tuition Affordability plan which lowers tuition for University of Rio Grande students by 27%.  “Our Tuition Affordability Plan creates an affordable pathway for students who wish to pursue a degree at Rio,” said President Smith.  “We are committed to a high quality, affordable education for everyone.” The school has also added a new Student Success Center, with Student Success Coaches providing individualized support to Rio students.

Rio celebrates its 145th anniversary this year.  With programs ranging from associate’s degrees to master’s degrees, a variety of new and growing varsity sports, and an individualized approach to student success, the University of Rio Grande is poised for great things.  “We look forward to continuing our growth in the future,” added Smith, “adding new programs and Changing Tomorrows for the region and our students.

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