Featured Alumni: Richard Hernandez ‘11

Richard Hernandez ‘11

Richard Hernandez

Richard Hernandez

1. Tell us a little bit about yourself: Current career/position, education/work background, and family.
I currently live in Cincinnati, Ohio and work for a healthcare revenue cycle company by the name of Ensemble Health Partners. As a Revenue Cycle Corporate Trainer, I teach all about hospital revenue cycle and the computer applications utilized throughout the revenue cycle. (Layman’s terms – teacher for adults/employees/leaders). We have clients in 29 different states around the country and continue to grow daily. Rio Grande was my last formal education other than my military training and certifications I have earned throughout my career.

2. Tell us about life after Rio.
After graduating from Rio Grande, I joined the United States Coast Guard. After spending time in New Jersey working on search and rescue boats (and getting out of the military), I then moved to Key West, Florida. I worked on an offshore fishing boat for a while and then transitioned to working as a youth case manager for a government organization. I eventually moved back to Ohio, after accepting a healthcare position in Cincinnati where I have been for the past five years.

3. List some of your awards, achievements, honors you would like to highlight.
Focus 3 – The R Factor Facilitator Certification
EPIC/CarePATH HB (Hospital Billing) Credentialed Trainer
EPIC/CarePATH ADT (Grand Central) Credentialed Trainer
CRCR Certification (Healthcare industry best practices certification)

4. What made you choose to pursue a college education at Rio Grande?
When I found out I had the opportunity to play baseball in college I knew Rio Grande was the place for me! I valued the smaller campus size and style, which allowed for closer connections with all I interacted with, whether that be friends, teammates, and/or faculty.

5. How were you involved on Rio’s campus?
Baseball was my full-time job/extracurricular through my four years at Rio Grande

6. What did Rio offer you besides an education?
Rio Grande allowed me to build relationships/friendships I still have, to this day.

7. What are some of your favorite Rio memories?
Being nominated for All-American Scholar Athlete
Being awarded MSC Baseball Academic All-Conference Award multiple years in a row
Baseball winning the MSC Championship and going to the first round of nationals

8. Was there any teacher, advisor, coach, etc. that made an impact on your life? How?
Coach Brad Warnimont helped me to identify some personal areas of growth needed and strongly pushed me to work on and improve in those areas, whether I liked it or not – at the time.

9. What did you learn about yourself during college?
Throughout my time in college, I most definitely learned about time management. With baseball being a year-round athletic commitment, I learned to balance my time between athletics, academics, and social time. During the spring, being on the road, more often than not, time management was of utmost importance in order to stay up with classes/grades etc. upon our return.

10. How did Rio prepare you for your career?
Rio Grande helped me to understand the importance of personal relationships. Building strong and lasting relationships is something I do each day in my current career. Not only is this important in the work setting, but also in all our own personal lives.

11. Why are you proud to be a Rio Alumna/Alumnus?
I absolutely love mentioning Rio Grande anywhere I go! With as small of a school it is, I’m always astonished at how many people are familiar with it, whether it be from Bevo Francis and/or Bob Evans. I take pride in sharing the culture and even taking friends and family back to campus to visit!

12. Do you have any advice for current students?
I would recommend making as many memories as you possibly can! This is the time of your life, whether you believe it now or not. The friendships and memories you make now are most definitely ones you will reflect and smile on in the future.

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