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Scott Borden


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Campus Police




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Scott Borden started in Law Enforcement in 1978 as a cadet for the Ohio State Highway Patrol at the Xenia Post.  Graduated from the 109th OSHP academy class in 1981, where he was then assigned to the Portsmouth Patrol Post as a Trooper.

Scott was promoted to sergeant and remained at the Portsmouth Post in 1993.  He was then promoted to Lieutenant of the Lebanon Post near Cincinnati in 1997.

Scott was promoted to Staff Lieutenant to Jackson in 2000, which made him the assistant District Commander for 10-county southeast Ohio district.

Associate of Applied Sciences Degree in Law Enforcement Technology from Ohio University.

SOUTHERN POLICE INSTITUE, University of Louisville, Louisville, Kentucky; Honors Graduate


Additional Selected Specialized Training & Certification

Ø  I-300 Intermediate & I-400 Advanced Incident Command System (ICS) for Expanding & Complex Incidents (NIMS) – Ohio Fire Academy

Ø  I-300 Intermediate & I-400 Advanced ICS Instructor Training – Ohio State Highway Patrol (OSHP)

Ø  Intro to the ICS & ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents – FEMA

Ø  Intro to the National Response Plan (NRP) – FEMA

Ø  Advanced Taser M26 Certification – Taser International

Ø  Trucks and Terrorism Seminar & Workshop – US Department of Transportation/OSHP

Ø  MARCS Systems Overview – State of Ohio MARCS

Ø  Microsoft Office Computers

Ø  Mistake-Free Letters, Memos, Reports

Ø  Assertive Skills for Managers

Ø  Collective Bargaining/Labor Relations – Southern Police Institute, Ohio Chapter

Ø  Assessment Center Methodology and Assessor Certification for the Assistant Post Commanders Assessment Center – OSHP

Ø  Law Enforcement Public Information Workshop – National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Ø  Professional Media Training – OSHP

Ø  Senior Operator Certification B A C Data Master (breath tests) – Ohio Department of Health

Ø  Supervisor Workshop – Dunn & Bradstreet

Ø  Conflict Resolution & Confrontation Skills

Ø  Stand Up and Speak Out

Ø  QSTP Basic Quality Training – Ohio  Office of Quality Services/Department of Public Safety

Ø  Operator’s Certificate of Training in Electronic Speed Measuring Devices – OSHP

Ø  Sexual Harassment in the Workplace & The Americans with Disabilities Act – Ohio Civil Rights Commission

Ø  How to Become a Better Communicator

Ø  Drug Interdiction – OSHP

Ø  Hit-Skip Traffic Crash Investigation – OSHP

Ø  8th Annual Campus Fire Safety, Law Enforcement & EMS Professional Development Conference

Ø  The Advance CLERY Act Training

Ø  Understanding & Transitioning into Campus Law Enforcement Course




Honors & Awards



During his career with the State Highway Patrol:

         Three OSHP certificates of recognition for auto larceny

         The OSHP “ACE” award for stolen cars / suspect apprehensions

         OSHP health and fitness award (8) times

         OSHP 25 year safe driving award

         OSHP “post Trooper of the Year” – twice

         OSHP 10-county “District Trooper of the Year.”

         OSHP “Humanitarian Award” for outstanding public service

         State of Ohio “Employee of the Month” for public service

         Director of Public Safety “Ambassador Award” for public service

         Attorney General’s “Distinguished Service Award” for public service

 –            Area Aging (AA7) “Law Enforcement Award” 

        –            University of Rio Grande “President’s Award.”

        –            University of Rio Grande Certificate of “Appreciation Faculty/Staff recognition  “


Was inducted into the Greenon high school Hall of Fame on May 12, of this year for meritorious service to the community throughout his law enforcement career. Greenon High School is located in Springfield, Ohio.




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