Christopher Pines

Christopher Pines



Christopher L. Pines, PhD.


Adjunct Philosophy and Humanities Instructor


Bunce School of Education & Liberal Arts



Wood Hall




Rio Grande Main Campus

Office Hours

Office Hours

varies by term, posted at office door



Associate in the Sciences, University of South Carolina

B.A. History, University of Rochester

Ph.D. Philosophy, SUNY at Buffalo

Work Experience

USMC 1972-74

Construction, Carpenter Asst., House Painter and co-owner Factum House Painters, Clerical Work, Nurse’s Aid


Born and raised in Rochester, New York. Close-knit and extended, traditional Greek-American family.  Member of the 70s generation though I admire the 1960s.  Joined the Marines after high school; changed my life.  Started night school in the Marines, and continued my college education after my military service.  Hitch-hiked around the U.S., my own “odyssey”: lived in several different regions of the United States: South Carolina; Denver,CO; Los Angeles, CA. Have been teaching here at Rio Grande since 1989.  Feel very fortunate to be a college professor and scholar.  Married my wife Gina in 1992; raised two wonderful sons, Adam and Alex, who each spent a lot of time on this campus when they were young boys.  Grand-daughter Tifa.  Shocked at how much the United States has changed in my lifetime: politically, culturally and technologically.  And at the changes to Rio Grande as well.  Still hoping the Buffalo Bills will win..

Research Information

Research Interests

Economic Inequality and theories of Justice.  Ethical Theory and ethical reasoning.  Applied ethics.



Ideology and False Consciousness: Marx and his historical progenitors (New York: SUNY Press, 1993)

Currently writing on economic inequality and economic justice.

Presentations & Lectures


“A Critique of Frankfurt’s Anti-Egalitarianism and a Defense of Egalitarianism”, Annual Meeting Ohio Philosophical Association, University of Cincinnati, April 7, 2018

“The Pedagogical and Intellectual Benefits of Case-Based Reasoning in Applied Ethics Courses”, Session G9A of the American Association for the Philosophic Study of Society, 114th Annual Meeting of the Eastern Division of the American Philosophical Association, Savannah, GA, Jan. 3-6. 2018

Comment on Lavender Mckittrick-Sweitzer “Rawls Instability and the Aggressive State”, Annual Meeting Ohio Philosophical Association, Otterbein University, April 9, 2016

Comment on Owen King’s “The untenability of future-sensitive synchronic well-being”, Annual Meeting Ohio Philosophical Association, Baldwin-Wallace University, Berea, OH April 11, 2015

“Moral Rationalism in Adam Smith’s Theory of the Moral Sentiments: Comment on John McHugh’s ‘Adam Smith’s Sentimentalist Account of Reason’s Ability to Motivate’, Annual Meeting Ohio Philosophical Association, Cleveland State University, Cleveland, OH March 31, 2012 

“Comment on Marcus Arvan’s ‘Unifying the Categorical Imperative’”, Pittsburg Area Philosophy Colloquium, Washington Jefferson College, Washington, PA September 10, 2011

“Capitalism: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly and the Financial Crisis of 2008, Baoji University, China, June 15, 2011





Honors & Awards



Recipient of URG’s Edwin A. Jones Award for Excellence in Teaching, May 2005, with        Recognition from the Ohio House of Representatives                                        

Teacher of the Year, URG Honors Program, 1994


Experience & Service


See my biography.


Secretary, URG General Education Committee.  2015-Present

Chair of Faculty Negotiation Team and the Salary, Tenure and Evaluation Committee, URG Faculty Association, 2015-2018

President, URG Faculty Assembly, 2015-2017      

President, URG Faculty Association, 2007-08; 1997-98

Coordinator, Graduate Humanities Concentration, URG Graduate Education, 2002-Current

Chair, School of Humanities, 1996-2000; 2010



Areas of Expertise

Moral Philosophy and Applied Ethics (Business, Medical, Social Ethics); Justice and Political Philosophy; History of Philosophy; History of the Humanities, Philosophy of Science,, Philosophy of History

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