Benjamin Forche

Benjamin Forche



Ben Forche


Dean of Student Success


Student Services



James A. Rhodes Student Center


(740) 245-7396

Alternate Phone A

(419) 304-9498


Rio Grande Main Campus

Office Hours

Office Hours

8 to 5 Mon-Fri



current doctoral student
Doctor of Philosophy, Higher Education
Ohio University

Master of Education, Higher Education and Student Affairs
University of South Carolina

Bachelor of Science, Visual Communication Technology
Bowling Green State University


I was the typical first-generation college student who did not know what going to college meant, other than family telling me it was a pathway to a better life. During my undergraduate years, I became a student leader in greek life, the university programming board, among other student activities. I developed a passion for creating an outstanding college experience for everyone around me, which led to a desire to pursue graduate education and a career in higher education.

The biggest takeaway I want students to have when they interact with me is that I genuinely care about them and their experience. Students are by the far the best aspect of my career. I continually inspired by students and honored whenever I have a chance to join in a small portion of their journey. I want students to know I am here, I care, I will listen, and will do everything in my power to help them strive for success.

I am an Ohio native from Toledo. Most of my family consists of trade workers where I also developed a passion and hobby of woodworking. In high school, I ran cross-country and track. I still continue running today, although my pace is a little slower. In my free time, I enjoy spending time with my wife, Mandy, and our three amazing children, Charlotte, Sadie, and Milo.

Please come to visit! I’d love to get to know you!

Research Information

Research Interests

Appreciative Advising, NCAA female student-athletes, social media and technology, first-generation college students

Presentations & Lectures


Office of Appreciative Education (webinar), Mar 2020

  • “Appreciative Advising in the COVID-19 Era: How to Optimize Virtual Student Interactions”

Holistic Student Support Institute, Ohio Association of Community Colleges, Nov 2019

  • “Appreciative Advising Overview”

The Global Community for Academic Advising (NACADA), Annual Conference, Oct 2019

  • “Flipped Orientation with Academic Advising” (sponsored by Appreciative Advising Community)
  • “Incorporating an Appreciative Mindset: Exploring Ways to Implement or Enhance Appreciative Advising in Your Everyday Work”

Wisconsin Academic Advising Association (WACADA), Annual Conference, Kenosha, WI, Sept 2019

  • “Appreciative Advising: Guiding Students on the Right Path” (keynote)
  • “Applying Appreciative Advising to Your Daily Practice” (breakout presentation)

Ohio Academic Advising Association (OHAAA), Annual Conference, July 2019

  • “Appreciating the Battle of the Bricks: How Advisors at Ohio University & Miami University implemented Appreciative Advising Strategies Across Student Populations”

Adult Student Recruitment & Retention, Annual Conference, Madison, WI, Mar 2019

  • “Improving Advising and Customer Support in a Digital World” (keynote)
  • “Appreciative Education” (breakout presentation)

Appreciative Education Conference, 1st Annual Conference, Jan 2015

  • “Creating and Implementing an Appreciative Communication Plan”
  • “Appreciative Education & Technology”

Advisor Training, The Ohio State University, Mar 2013, Apr 2013

  • “Appreciative Advising Overview”

National Academic Advising Association (NACADA), National Conference, Oct 2010

  • “Appreciative Advising in Action”



Honors & Awards


Outstanding Administrator, The Patton College of Education, Ohio University, 2019-2020

Experience & Service


Appreciative Advising, Faculty, 2012-present

Appreciative Advising Institute, Faculty, 2013-present

Appreciative Advising Online Course, Instructor, 2012-2013


Appreciative Advising

Qualtrics Research & Core


Areas of Expertise

Appreciative Advising, Technology and social media in student services


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