Associate of Arts Degree - Concentration in Physical Education (7421)

General Education

General Education must include:
BIO 11404 (TM) Principles of Biology4
CHM 10404 (TM) Principles of Chemistry4
HPE 10101 Human Wellness and Physical Fitness1
HPE 13401 Weight Training1
PSY 11103 (TM) General Psychology3
General Education Total44
HPE 10403 Introduction to Sport and Exercise Professions3
HPE 11101 Archery1
HPE 11201 Beginning Swimming1
HPE 11901 Folk and Social Dance1
HPE 12401 Badminton1
HPE 13301 Racquetball1
Select one from the following:
HPE 15103 Team Sports I
HPE 16103 Team Sports II
HPE 20103 Physical Education Class Activities, Ages 3 – Grade 93
HPE 24302 Safety & First Aid2
Personal Elective3
Major Total20
Total Hours Needed To Graduate64


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