Student wanting to declare a health minor schedule an appointment with their advisor.  This minor is available for both Bachelors degrees in Art or Science.

Bachelor of Arts or Science – Minor in Health (7431)

General Education

BIO 11404 (TM) Principles of Biology4
BIO 21404 Human Anatomy and Physiology I4
CHM 10404 (TM) Principles of Chemistry4
General Education Total33
HPE 10202 Introduction to Health Education2
HPE 21403 Personal & Community Health3
HPE 24302 Safety & First Aid2
Select one from the following:
HPE 26202 Drug Education
HPE 27502 Sex Education Seminar
HPE 27303 Community Health3
HPE 32403 Evaluation of Human Physical Performance3
HPE 33403 School Health Services3
HPE 36203 Nutrition for Sports & Exercise3
Selected Minor & Electives56-59
Total Hours Needed To Graduate126


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