National Day of Prayer Statement 2021

This year’s theme for the National Day of Prayer is “Pour out your love, life, liberty” from 2nd Corinthians 3:17.  This is the second National Day of Prayer since the pandemic.

Much has changed in America because of the pandemic.  The power of prayer has remained the same.   Bureaucrats may like social distancing, but God wants to walk with you through the sunny and stormy days of life.  He wants you to talk with Him like you are talking to a friend.  Prayer is a privilege that allows you to tell God what is in your heart or on your mind, anytime, anywhere.  Mask wearing will not mute your prayers and social distancing will not prevent God from hearing prayers.  The pandemic may change what one prays about, but it does not change the God to whom one prays.  The same God who hears prayers today is the same Creator who heard prayers in ancient days and the same deity who will hear the prayers of the people of the tomorrows yet to be.

On this National Day of Prayer, consider saying a prayer for those who have not only lost a loved one to COVID, but also pray for those who are doing their best to keep society functioning.  Once this pandemic is over, may society still value the efforts of the essential workers, such as delivery drivers, those who stock the shelves, those who keep our streets and workplaces clean, those behind the cash register, those in the medical field, our active-duty military personnel, the firefighters, EMS and law enforcement officers.  Emergencies and crimes did not cease because of this pandemic and those in law enforcement and other emergency service workers did not waiver from their duty to public safety during this crisis.  Some at the cost of their lives.  It seems there is no end to what one could pray about in America and whom one could pray for throughout the day.

May the day soon come when America is in a post-pandemic society.  When that day arrives, God will still be there and prayer will still be available to bring our petitions before His Throne.



William E. Plants
URG Chaplaincy Coordinator

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