National Day of Prayer Statement 2020

The nation is experiencing a situation it has not encountered in more than a century.  A highly contagious disease is throughout our land, altering the way of life for most Americans.  However, this disease has not lessened or altered the need or power of prayer.  Just as people in the 20th Century pandemic crisis sought the face of God in prayer, we in this 21st Century crisis are also able to seek Him in prayer.

This year’s theme for the National Day of Prayer is “Pray God’s Glory Across the Earth” from Habakkuk 2:14. One does not need to practice social distancing from God.  I believe two Biblical passages illustrate this idea. In Hebrews 14:6 it says “Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.” Philippians 4:6 states “Be anxious for nothing, but in everything by prayer and supplication, with thanksgiving, led your requests be made known to God.”  Stay at home orders issued by Earthly governments do not lessen God’s ability to hear prayers.

I would like to request prayers (and offer thanks) to the following groups:

  • Those who have COVID-19- May they soon have a speedy and full recovery from that disease.
  • Those who have died from this disease- May God’s Peace and Comfort be with their surviving family members during this time of Earthly loss.
  • The health care workers who are on the front lines fighting the war against this disease.
  • Those in law enforcement and other emergency service workers who answer the cries for help in spite of the COVID-19 threat.
  • Those working in grocery stores, gas stations and other life essential businesses, whose efforts make it easier for those needing food, fuel and other items during this time of crisis to get what they need for survival.
  • Our active duty military personnel who stand ready to defend this country during this crisis from those adversaries who might try to take advantage of America during this situation.
  • Those who keep our homes, businesses, public places and communities clean and sanitary to help prevent the further spread of disease.
  • Those who are furloughed or have lost their jobs or business because of this pandemic. May God continue to provide for each individual and his or her family during this trying time.
  • Those involved in making protective gear and other life-saving equipment. May God bless their efforts so that there will be no lack of such things to protect those trying to keep us well as this crisis continues.
  • Our elected leaders at all levels of government so that God may give them the necessary wisdom to know what to do to keep our community, states and nation safe during this time of disease.
  • Those numerous, nameless individuals practicing the Biblical principle to love thy neighbor as thyself, whose seemingly small acts may go unnoticed by a large national audience, but are very visible to God.

May God hasten the day in which He will drive this disease from our country by His mighty hand.  May it never again return anywhere on Earth!

Adapt and Overcome!

William E. Plants
URG Chaplaincy Coordinator.

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