Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall

Rebecca Hall

Program Major: Social Work

Have you found success with your degree: Yes. Since graduating with my Bachelor’s degree in social work, I have a position as Director of Social Services at a skilled nursing facility.

Have you returned to school? Yes. I graduate in May with my Master’s from Campbellsville University.

Who were your influences: My influences were Mr. Jake Bapst, who talked me into starting classes the very day I stepped into the McArthur Center to ask for information. If I had walked out that door, I don’t know if I would have had the courage to return. My children were also a big influence. I wanted them to see me take education seriously and to work to better myself and improve our family financially.

Memorable story at Rio: The most memorable story for me as a post traditional student, was having to take my infant son to Professor Brigg’s class because I couldn’t find a babysitter on Tuesday mornings. The instructor was wonderful and very understanding.

Do you have any words of wisdom to share for current and future students of the McArthur Center? Understand how fortunate you are. Twenty years ago, we would have never have dreamed of having a college in Vinton County. It allows those who might not otherwise have the opportunity to seek higher education, to earn a college degree. Study hard but make memories, don’t forget how important it is to create and foster new friendships!

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