Office of Academic Affairs

The mission of the Office of Academic Affairs is to create and support an environment that advances the institutional mission of providing educational, personal growth, and economic development opportunities. Academic Affairs is committed to:

  • Encouraging the development and enhancement of integrity, morally and ethically responsible behavior, respect for diversity, and service learning among students and
  • Nurturing basic professional values such as a hard work ethic, basic honesty, self-discipline, perseverance, interpersonal cooperation, and social responsibility among students and
  • Providing equal opportunity for students and employees, regardless of age, gender, religious background, ethnic or cultural
  • Providing opportunities for any student with special needs to receive an education equal to that of any other
  • Offering courses though distance learning at the certificate, and undergraduate
  • Providing opportunities for students, employees, and members of the communities served by the institutions to be engaged intellectually, aesthetically, socially, and physically outside the classroom
  • Maintaining a highly motivated and academically qualified faculty dedicated to excellence in teaching, advising, and personal

Academic policies for the University of Rio Grande and Rio Grande Community College are formulated by the Academic Policy Committee and recommended by the Committee to the URG and/or RGCC Board of Trustees for approval. The Committee also serves as the appellate body for exceptions to academic policy.