Instructional Design and Media Services

Instructional Design and Media Services (IDMS), located in Wood Hall, 127, assists with projects requiring enhanced communication, alternative instructional methods, and other specialized media needs. Serving faculty, staff, students, and campus/community organizations, the IDMS provides access to instructional media equipment and materials, provides a center for the local production of audiovisual materials, conducts training in A-V production and utilization for teacher trainees, and maintains an inventory of all campus A-V equipment. The IDMS maintains a satellite receiving and distribution system which is connected via closed circuit to the academic buildings on campus, including the Wood Hall auditorium, with its 160-seat capacity and projections television system. The IDMS is also the home of RGCA, the campus television/radio system wired into the village cable system. RGCA carries a bulletin board for all informational and nonprofit messages on Channel 5, while simulcasting campus radio or local commercial stations. The IDMS also maintains the fiber-optic interactive television system, offering instruction to local schools. The IDMS maintains membership in the Adult Learning Satellite System and the Kent State film library. During the most recent evaluation by the Ohio Department of Education in 1992, the IDMS received a commendation that stated the IMC, “â€Ĥexemplifies a state of the art facility that offers media programs for the students, staff, and community which enhances the entire educational program.”