Common Abbreviations

A.A.: Associate of Arts
A.S.: Associate of Science
A.A.S.: Associate of Applied Science
A.A.B.: Associate of Applied Business
A.T.S.: Associate of Technical Study
B.A.: Bachelor of Arts
B.S.: Bachelor of Science
B.S.I.T.: Bachelor of Science Degree in Industrial Technology (2+2 Program)
B.S.N.: Bachelor of Science in Nursing for Registered Nurses (R.N. – B.S.N. Program, 2+2 program)
B.S.W.: Bachelor of Social Work
B.F.A.: Bachelor of Fine Arts
B.T.S.: Bachelor of Technical Studies
M.Ed.: Master of Education

The following letter-code abbreviations for division disciplines are used in the degree outlines, course descriptions, and throughout the Catalog: