Educators’ Hall of Fame

2019 Educators Hall of Fame

Ellen Brasel

Ellen Brasel, (retired) Professor Emeritus, is a proud former student and educator at the University of Rio Grande in Rio Grande, Ohio. 

Brasel lived in Cheshire, Ohio for 25 years and attended Rio as a non-traditional student from 1990-1993. She graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in History, and a minor in Political Science. She then went on to Ohio University where she graduated in 1997 with a Masters of Arts degree in History. 

In 2001, she was hired to teach history at the University of Rio Grande and remained there until she retired in May of 2014. She credits the faculty and staff at Rio for their support, and many of her students that gave her the incentive to strive to be a better educator, as well as a better person.  

Brasel dedicated herself to growing her students’ success in their courses and in their professional lives, and as a result, she received numerous teaching awards. Those include the Ohio Association of Two-Year Colleges—Teacher of the Year Award in 2005, the Edwin A. Jones Excellence in Teaching Award in 2008-2009, the Ernie A. Wyant Award, and the 2010 Everyday Heroes Award (Education Hero).  In addition to those awards, Brasel was recognized just last year by the Rio Grande Alumni Association as recipient of the Alumni Award – an award given to individuals for their meritorious service to Rio.

Today, Brasel resides in Worthington, Ohio near her daughters Christine and Amy. She attends classes in both literature and history at OSU in the Over 60 Program and donates to local food pantries. Brasel enjoys gardening, playing Euchre and Bridge, participating in a book group, and caring for her pups and cats. She especially loves catching up with her old friends in the Worthington/Dublin area and visiting with the many friends she has made at the University of Rio Grande.

Ivan Tribe

A native of Albany, Ohio, Ivan Tribe earned two degrees from Ohio University in 1962 and 1967, respectively. He taught high school in Vinton and Meigs Counties from 1964 to 1970. That fall, Tribe moved northward where he earned a PhD in American History from the University of Toledo in 1976. Thereafter, he relocated to McArthur and taught his first class at Rio Grande in January 1976, remaining there continuously until June 2007 when he achieved Emeritus rank. Through December 2017, he continued to teach an occasional class. From 1982 through 2007, Tribe hosted an “Open House” in his office to celebrate the conclusion of the school year with live music and refreshments that is fondly remembered by numerous alumni, staff, and students. Together with Dr. Marcella Barton, he organized a chapter of the Phi Alpha Theta history honorary.

In addition to being an able instructor, Tribe’s professors at both Ohio University and University of Toledo were dedicated researchers who shared their expertise through publication of their work instilling their students with similar characteristics. Although Rio Grande is not a “publish or perish” school, one can also set such standards for oneself. As a result, Tribe’s thirteenth book is due out in late August or early September. These include two co-written with former students and three with Jacob Bapst. Publishers have included such university presses as those of Kentucky, Illinois, and Tennessee as well as specialization in academic work as Greenwood and McFarland. His work also includes numerous journal articles—both academic and popular–along with encyclopedia entries and scholarly papers at academic conferences and historic societies.

Using summers to broaden his academic horizons, Tribe has experienced Summer Seminars in Egypt and West Africa, National Endowment for the Humanities seminars and institutes at the Universities of California, North Carolina, Michigan, Iowa State, and two at Mississippi. He was a 1998 recipient of the Edwin A. Jones Award, University of Rio Grande. Since 1983, he and his wife Deanna, have co-hosted a weekly radio program at Ohio University heard over five PBS stations, dealing with bluegrass and country music. He is also active in various Masonic organizations.

Ivan and his wife–an Associate Professor Emeritus at Ohio State University—reside in McArthur. His nephew is a 1993 Rio graduate with a degree in Economics.

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